More mattresses and foundations (the ‘updated’ box spring) are typically sold in the winter months during the year. We are cocooning through the cold months, sheltering our bodies from pain and fatigue. As we age, our bodies go through changes that affect our sleep patterns – especially pressure points! During our REM sleep cycle, pain may interrupt that restorative sleep. If our bodies are not cradled properly with pocketed coil support and support zones, we may wake up cranky and feel exhausted – despite having a full night’s rest!

At Larrabee’s Furniture + Design, we have produced our own custom, hand-made line of luxury mattresses. All our mattresses have been designed with superior construction and most carry unheard of NON-prorated warranties between 15 and 10 years! The Larrabee’s have been selling mattresses since 1962 and pride themselves on building a luxury mattress that their clients may purchase at an incredible price!

It can be awkward when shopping for mattresses! You’ll need to decide: who is the mattress for? For your Master Bedroom? A guest room? A rental? If it’s for your Master Bedroom are you single or sharing your bed with a significant other?

Once in the showroom, you’ll try out our mattresses. Don’t worry about your shoes (a typical concern for most clients)! We have protection placed on top of the mattress so that you don’t have to remove your shoes. Our mattress “room” is located in a secluded quiet area of our showroom where you may try all the positions that you enjoy while sleeping.

You really need to lay on the mattress and test it in the manner you would use it at home. Are you a side sleeper? Stomach? Back? All of this is part of the experience of shopping for your new mattress. You’ll experience first-hand the benefits of the mattresses and you’ll be able to take your time to make an educated decision. We recommend laying on a mattress for a minimum of 15 minutes to really get a sense of how it works with your body.

Our experienced team of design professionals can assist you with not only finding the perfect night’s sleep, they will also show you our amazing lineup of beautiful bedroom ensembles, some that are exclusive to our region.

If you find yourself yearning for the ability to adjust your mattress while you’re in bed, Larrabee’s Furniture + Design is delighted to offer 50% off MSRP on our adjustable bed bases! The demand for adjustable beds has been increasing exponentially. We now utilize our beds as work centers maximizing the versatility and comfort of the bed. The zero gravity option on an adjustable bed provides a tremendous health benefit with those that suffer from blood flow issues, bad backs, knees and hips.

We also carry a line of alternative sleep options from Tommy Bahama featuring the latest in Therapedic sleep technology including gel inserts that allow the bed to breath better for a more restful night’s sleep.

Larrabee’s Furniture + Design also carries some of the most beautiful bedding and luxury linens. We would love to have a chance to make your sleep experience one of the most wonderful parts of your day!