By John Salisbury

One of the real pleasures I have as a part of my job is welcoming new sales staff and having an opportunity to introduce them to our extensive product lineup.  One of our recent hires was explaining to me some of the comparisons she was realizing coming from her previous experience at a much smaller, family-owned furniture store in a small town on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Family Owned.  When faced with the choice of working with a company that is family owned and run as opposed to a corporately owned and run organization, she felt her choice was clear. Working with a company that was born and has grown through multiple generations in Colorado meshed with her own values and appreciation.

Surpassed Expectancy.  There can be a stereotype at times regarding the “Mom and Pop” shops of days gone by – limited in resources, exposure, and style.  There can be an anticipation of “limitations” that would be hard pressed to compete with the larger, more corporate chain store.  However, the Larrabee showroom and product lineup is far from “limited” by any stretch of the imagination.  Larrabee’s is often regarded as one of the premiere design showrooms in Denver in scale, selection, and beauty.

Accommodating.  Certainly, being a smaller company allows Larrabee's the flexibility to do a number of things larger corporations simply cannot do.  Our level of customization of product and ability to speak with manufacturers directly regarding finishes, construction and shipping is unparalleled. Larrabee's has the unique ability and relationships to coordinate product coming from craftsmen from literally all over the world. 

Caring.  It might sound cliché in the midst of the cynicism that swirls through today's society, but treating our clients the way we would want to be treated is part of the fundamental core of this family.  There is virtually not a single situation Larrabee's has been unable to overcome to fulfill this obligation to a client’s satisfaction, proven out through a quick read of reviews through the various review organizations such as Yelp.

Who would have thought that amidst the bombardment of highly stylized interpretation for your home and living, there is a place you can come and experience, on a grand scale, all of the style, possibility and inspiration you could ever want? It’s here, at Larrabee’s Furniture + Design.