Does this sound familiar?  You are faced with a large open space and now it’s time to do something with it, and the choices seem endless and those making the decision have contrasting viewpoints.   Where do I begin?…..HELP!

Truth is, the process can begin with most anything…a color, a shape, a feel….that one thing you can see yourself surrounded by.  Now I realize this might be too vague a concept for some to consider but hang in there with me on this a little longer.

The room pictured above started just this way.  When we started, the room had sat empty for 3 years except for the only 2 things the clients had been able to agree upon…..the piano and the rug.  “Shopping trips” turned into…well, let’s just say disagreements over details.  As I began working with the couple I first wanted to find out what was it in those two things that had them able to agree.  Colors from the rug and their appreciation and development of music in their children were our starting points.  So, that’s where we started.

The next step was to decide on a layout that, while functional, would enhance the beauty of the architecture of the room.  Once the layout had been agreed upon, finding furnishings in scale for the space became the next item in the list.  We needed pieces that would not feel lost under the 22 foot ceilings.  The pieces I found had not only the scale we needed, but shapes that reflected various architectural features of the room.  We pulled colors from the rug to complete the upholstery.

Now was time to address the finishing touches of the room like accessories and draperies.  Keeping in mind the scale of the room and the shapes and colors of the pieces selected so far we pulled together those pieces of artwork and art pieces which would best express both personalities.

Putting a room together is a process and can happen even when those making the decisions are coming from contrasting view points.  Identify the “mutuals” you have and then begin building on your needs like layout, scale, and comfort.  This process should make the details come together smoothly,  and gives expression to all personalities.

John Salisbury

Visuals Manager / Buyer

Larrabee’s Furniture