We recently had a customer share excellent feedback with us about the home furnishing process and how long it can take to get it just right. He shared that while it took longer than he expected, he’s so glad he waited until everything was exactly as he had envisioned it. We felt perhaps that is something we can shed light upon for those who are considering updating a room or an entire home.

We believe what makes a house a home is what’s inside of it: the people, the traditions, the activities, the memories made, the furnishings and décor, and all the little touches that make it specific to each individual dwelling. If a home is to be a safe haven – a place to come after a long day to rejuvenate and recalibrate, then shouldn’t everything that fills it make you feel that way when you’re there? What makes people feel renewed is different for everyone. Some people need to simply ‘unplug’ and sit quietly on the world’s most comfortable sofa or chair, reviewing the day and letting it all go with each breath in and out. Some people are invigorated by the buzz of family and friends around, gathering at a large table or in the kitchen, sitting on chairs and countertops talking about the day. No matter how you experience this recharge, it’s crucial your home provide you with the tools to accomplish this important ritual.

Virtually everyone knows that furniture is available in all price ranges, sizes and styles. One only need to have the television on for an hour in the evening and will undoubtedly see a range of advertisements for a variety of home décor options. Additionally, there is every option imaginable for every home furnishing need – from places that have items ready for immediate delivery or assembly, to special, customized, one-of-a-kind pieces that could take up to 24 months to build and complete. We like to think we fall somewhere in the middle.

We have thousands of in-stock items available for immediate delivery, showcased in our 48,000 square foot showroom. We also offer customizable, ‘special’ orders on tens of thousands of pieces so that you can pick the exact size, fabric, wood finish and other details to fit your specific needs. Of course any customizable option will take time to create. The furniture manufacturers with whom we partner have their factories custom build these pieces just for you. A typical lead time can be anywhere from 8-12 weeks, and in some rare instances, can take up to 24 months for hand-carved wood options. This may sound overwhelming at first. That’s why we offer such a broad selection of options available immediately.

Perhaps your home will contain a combination of both – pieces that will work immediately, and, some reserved for that very special room or vision you want to curate. This is why we have in-house designers on our staff. We want you to have your questions answered immediately, without having to make an appointment or spend hundreds of dollars on an hourly rate for consultations. Our talented team is available to help you plan and achieve your vision whenever you are ready. If you have timing needs, simply share it with your designer and we can work to find pieces that you’ll both love and will work within your guidelines. You can design an entire house, or break up by room and furnish as you go. No matter how you approach it, we are here to assist you in meeting all your home furnishing needs.