By Dawn Hartzell, Design Consultant

Set the tone of your room with a well-chosen rug to create the haven you wish to come home to. Whether your living spaces are large or small, an area rug is meant to define and command the area to place the furniture and accessories that you love most. Your rug should be an art piece strategically placed to give life to the room, whether you lean toward a traditional, transitional, or contemporary lifestyle.

Don’t hesitate to mix and match patterns and textures of rugs throughout your home. Consider your rug artwork for the room, far more than an accessory; a necessity!

Traditional rugs are normally considered to be formal, modern-day representations of time honored European and Asian patterns. They tend to contain intricate patterns, borders and central medallions. Although, often used to add richness and vintage to a room, they can be also be placed in casual living spaces.

A transitional rug can be used to bridge the gap, blending your traditional and contemporary elements by creating a comfortable, casual space that is inviting and welcoming to all. This is the art of marrying elegance and timelessness with a little less formality. You can achieve this by selecting a classic floral pattern without a traditional border, or the design can feature an intricate pattern with little color contrast between the two elements.

If you prefer a contemporary setting, the use of stark contrasts and bold use of color will set the stage whether you choose a geometrical pattern or an organic free-form design.

If you are looking to give your home a fresh look, consider how a rug can enhance the room, whether you are wishing to incorporate a dose of dazzle, energetic excitement, sophistication, exotic elegance, a softer touch, or luxurious textures. Dare to step into an alluring addition that will create an inviting environment, sure to call you into each space. Allow your rug to become the artwork centerpiece to welcome you in!

I invite you into Larrabee’s Furniture + Design to explore our dazzling array of rugs and allow myself or one of my co-designers to help you select an amazing rug for your home.