By Designer Jennifer Ritchie

It’s spring!  With the arrival of spring comes all the beautiful colors reflected through nature: the budding trees, the vibrant flowers, etc. Have you ever wondered if color can change your mood, make you more productive, or even heal your illnesses?  Studies have shown that color can do just that. Each color has a direct influence on how we feel. Sometimes the feeling comes from a past experience or a memory, but researchers have found correlations between colors and specific feelings.  For instance the color red draws people together, increases appetites, and speeds respiration and heartbeat. Red is a great color for dining rooms and patio areas (hungry, anyone?).

Pink is a feminine color raising emotions such as joy, romance, and love. Pink makes us think of youth and little girls. It brings us back to our childhood and reminds us of spring flowers. I love pink for a shabby Chic living space, a baby girl’s nursery, or a dorm room for your college daughter. Pink reminds me of the soft pink sheets that I curled up in during my childhood, pink peonies at weddings, and my summer pajamas. Pink is a great color for bedrooms.

Orange is the color of excitement and enthusiasm! It has been thought to heal lungs, increase oxygen supply to increase brain function, and creates happy moods. This is an excellent color for workout rooms and kids’ play rooms. It’s a refreshing and unexpected color that draws attention.

Yellow is welcoming and friendly. It’s summer days and blue skies. If you want people to feel cheerful, happy, and joyful, this is the color I recommend. It is a wonderful color in soft hues for bathrooms, sunrooms, and breakfast nooks. However, be careful putting this color in baby rooms, as studies show this color makes babies cry.  Holistic healers claim that yellow in large amounts stimulates nerves, gives energy, and can boost metabolism.

Green is one of my favorite colors for home offices because it reduces stress, stimulates productivity, is believed to be good luck, and is the color of money! Green is also an extraordinary color for bedrooms not only because it relieves stress but it is also easy on the eyes; it is tranquil. Its pure experience is comfortable and harmonious. In the healing world it is believed to create fertility and reduces anxiety.

Blue, oh how I love blue. This color takes me away to the spa or the beach; I can hear the waves crashing and smell the salt air just at the sight of it. Blue is a restful color; it is the color of relaxation and has a calming effect. Ever wonder why Day Spas incorporate a lot of blue hues? It is because of its relaxing and calming effects. It is used in modern medicine to lower blood pressure, slow respiration and heartbeat. I absolutely recommend light blues of any kind to be incorporated into bedrooms and bathrooms. I would put it in any place you want to feel tranquil and relaxed. Family rooms and living rooms are a great place for blue as well. Be careful of too much dark blue, however; it can cause depression in large quantities.

Many people are afraid to use the color purple, but fear no more, for in deep hues it is the color that says sophistication and royalty. It is perfect for formal living spaces and dining areas. It promotes creativity, so incorporating this color into craft rooms is always a good idea. Light purple has the same calming effect as blue but with a warmer tone. Purple reminds me of summer lupines and fresh breeze blowing through the grass on the ranch on which I grew up. Those were some good days.

Here at Larrabee’s one of our many talented designers can help you incorporate those colors that inspire, remind, and invoke those warm wonderful feelings that create a home. We believe that home is where you should want to be, it is where you gather with your loved ones. We are here to provide you with the expertise to create a space you will love to come home to. We carry a wide range of styles to fit everyone’s taste and lifestyle. Come in and see us! We would love to meet you!