By John Salisbury, Director of Visual Merchandising

There are various reasons why individuals come to a showroom like Larrabee's Furniture + Design.  Some are looking for replacements; some for a fresh look. But for those who ultimately are reaching for something more than just the "utilitarian" purposes of furnishing their home, the thought of, "Is this in style?" will usually come up. 

Throughout the various expressions of the fashion industry, the term "classic" refers to a styling, a shape, or a color that will be repeated time and time again throughout history.  An individual with "classic style" is someone who always seems "current" and yet not necessarily trendy – familiar, beautifully crafted and well thought out.

As a designer and interior aficionado, I indeed strive to always keep current with the ever changing trends. However, with social media making things more visible and attainable, these newer trends tend to come in and out of fashion more rapidly than ever, making it almost impossible to get ahead of the curve.  So how does one stay "in style?"  My best advice...stay true to yourself.  Trends have a way of focusing us toward a demographic that is still looking to define their personality and can try and convince you of gravitating to a scheme that, in our current culture, could easily be gone in 6 months instead of 6 years.  If there are colors, textures, and shapes you find yourself always going back to...those are your "classics."  Don't dismiss them.  You can certainly freshen things up with a re-interpretation from time to time, but hang onto those roots that help you feel grounded and secure. 

If you need it, we at Larrabee's want to help you define and interpret your style.  We want you to feel proud, comfortable, relaxed, and invigorated for years...not just months.  Staying in style is a matter of perspective and we're here to help.