Spring is upon us and with it, holidays that breathe fresh life into our homes. This is a time of renewal and regeneration, and it’s reflected all around us in nature. Time-honored visions of elegance and grace provide ample opportunity to sprinkle our homes with verdant drops of green after dry, Colorado winters. We mark this season and lovingly place the first cuts of irises, daffodils, tulips, lilacs, and later, peonies on our nightstand. We open our windows to the afternoon. We inspect birds building nests outside our windows, grateful that their songs start earlier in the dawn each day. Soon, the light will stay.

This is a season for traditionalists. We are the keepers of celebration. We dutifully safeguard family recipes, adorn our tables, and lovingly receive our guests. We send letterpress invitations. We warm bread for baskets and line them with linen passed down to us by someone special. Someone who mattered.

We’ve built a home full of heirlooms, a home full of comfort. Each object reminds us of something dear.

And just as we love and cherish these old friends, these familiars, we delight in the discovery of something we’d forgotten. Something only found in memory. And so spring is also a time for remembering. For storytelling. For making sure the next generation hears and understands their origins and what connects us as family.

This holiday, we raise a glass to those who have gone before—we remember, we tell their stories, and we give thanks.

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