Rugs create a perfect canvas for the completion of your room. They can be the focal point around which a room is designed, or they can add a bold and striking splash of design and color as an accent piece. Additionally, rugs provide a nice layer of protection for your floors and feel nice to walk on! Rugs come in a variety of materials to suit anyone’s needs, and can range in price as well. When searching for the right rug for your home, be sure to consult a professional who can educate you on the construction, types of construction fibers, backing material and care and maintenance needs. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when caring for your rug:

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Always blot a spill – never rub or scrub it.
  • Because wools are porous, it is crucial you only use cleaning products designed for wools. Wool products will be damaged by carpet cleaners designed for synthetic rugs.
  • Vacuum regularly to remove surface soil. When vacuuming certain fibers such as wool, be sure to set the beater bar to its highest setting to prevent damage to the rug’s surface.
  • Should long ends surface after use, trim them to the rug’s surface – never pull them.
  • Rotate the rug at least once a year. This can add years to the life of your rug.
  • Periodic professional cleaning is recommended. Be sure to consult a professional who specializes in the appropriate material to your product.
  • Rug pads protect your floor and will extend the life of your rug.


  • High quality wool rugs will experience some shedding for roughly a year. This does not indicate poor quality. Gradually this will decrease and regular vacuuming will help.