By John Salisbury

We attend several furniture markets a year, and we often get asked about the new trends in design and the standouts on the horizon. Upon returning from the most recent market, the undeniable winner would have to be patio furniture, or, better termed, ‘outdoor living furniture.’  By far, no other category of furniture for your home has seen as much advancement in technology, styling, and options as outdoor living.  Today's culture, no matter what area of the country you live in, has learned to appreciate and embrace the great outdoors as part of their home life.  And with that embrace, they are taking their kitchens and home theaters outdoors as well.  But until more recently, there haven’t been that many options for dining, sofa, chairs and tables that were able to combine the comfort they enjoyed indoors with the durability they needed for being outdoors.

Outdoor living furniture manufacturers today have met that challenge and more.  A great deal of the deep seating sofas, love seats, sectionals and chairs available now are actually more comfortable than their indoor counterparts.  Along with this, they also have the ability to be completely exposed to the elements without breaking down or fading and carry warranties that are actually longer than the indoor versions.

Fabric technology has advanced to the place that you can cover your living or dining seating with fabrics that have the feel of chenille or even suede. Cushion cores have been created that have the feel of down and yet moisture passes right through allowing everything to dry quickly and without the ability to mildew.

Design trends that have taken over indoor lines with gray-washed woods and “live edge” treatments can now be found in not only outdoor dining and occasional tables, but also around fire pits...and all of it in worry-free materials engineered to withstand the elements while maintaining the look and feel of the real thing.

Another huge trend in the outdoor living market is the inclusion of motion into the seating options.  People have grown to love the ability to recline in their favorite sofa or chair and now that ability has moved to outdoor with reliable rust free mechanisms.

So, whether your outdoor living room  is actually a room or just a relatively  level part of your yard, Larrabee's Furniture + Design has the furniture you need to make that space a place  that is truly worth living in and enjoying for years to come.