When you visit our beautiful 48,000 square foot showroom, we’ll show you custom lines just as they’re displayed in the top design centers in the US, down to the paint swatches on our walls, so that you can be assured your look will be complete, elegant, and exceptional. One of the things we were inspired by at the Las Vegas show in January was the emergence of explosive color in pallets most often found on the banks of the Ganges. Rugs at Karastan and Oriental Weavers were over dyed in curry hues, ottomans blazed in turquoise and emerald, and electric pinks and oranges pulsed off textiles and pillows in tribal prints.

Some of the folks we traveled with loved these vibrant tones, while others preferred a more muted pallet. One thing we all agreed on was the value in grounding rooms with high quality, earthy, monochromatic furniture to balance the sheer volume of color in these looks. The show’s bright accessories, rugs, and lighting are a nod to runway fashions this spring. If you take a glance through the latest Nordstrom & Anthropologie catalogues, you’ll see these electric patterns and colors everywhere, with even neon making a comeback.

To translate fashion into furniture, look for rich, neutral fabrics in sofas and chairs that can stand up to the splashes of color emerging from designers. Bold choices are easier to change out when they come in the form of an accent wall, pillow, or throw rug.

To play with color and see what moves you, we love this site for inspiration: http://design-seeds.com