The sun is shining.  The days are getting longer.  The smells of fresh grass and flowers are in the air.  You have searched, debated and finally pulled the trigger on the most comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture you have ever imagined and it’s been arranged perfectly in the exact spot.  But you begin thinking, “Something's missing.  Why doesn't it seem to look as wonderful as it did in the showroom?”

I can answer that with one word: accessories.  You wouldn't buy a dress without considering the need for a scarf or jewelry. You wouldn't buy a suit without the attention to a tie or shoes.  The rooms in your house don't feel complete without the lamps, pictures and collectibles you have acquired over the years.  Your outdoor living area is the same. 

“But I thought Mother Nature would be my accessories,” you might say.  NO!  Mother Nature is your room, and with your new furniture, you have now furnished your room and it is time to personalize it. Today's outdoor spaces have become an extension of our indoor spaces.  They are referred to as “outdoor living.”  And, just as our indoor living areas reflect who we are, our outdoor living areas should as well if we are ever going to feel as comfortable and relaxed in them as we do inside.

“So how do I accessorize my outdoor living area?”  You do this by considering the same kinds of things you would for your indoor living areas.  Lighting, pillows, artwork, a tray, decorative pieces and rugs.  Everything listed can now be found made specifically for outdoor use.  That's right – even lamps – both floor lamps and table lamps are now made to withstand the elements.  There are now rugs and floor cloths that can literally be washed off with a hose.  Pillows and throws are made of the latest in high-performance fabrics and filled with “drain-through” core materials so they always feel dry, soft and fade resistant. 

The outdoor living spaces of today have come a long way from the “fold up chairs under the tree” of years ago.  Allow Larrabee's Furniture + Design to accessorize your outdoor living space with the same beauty, comfort and durability you can expect in your outdoor living furniture.