By Hayley Mork, Design Consultant

It’s that time of year when Pantone releases their annual “Color of the Year.” This is essentially a color forecast for the upcoming year and affects many industry decisions around the world. Some of the main industries affected include interior design, fashion and marketing. Each year the color is decided upon after traveling the world and analyzing influences from things such as hot travel destinations, new movies, cultural influences and many other factors that reflect what is going on across the world. After finding their inspiration, the Pantone Color Institute has unveiled the 2019 color of the year as “Living Coral.”

According to Pantone, this color can be described as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” Designers are loving this color because of its versatility. The color pairs nicely with greens and blues to evoke an organic feeling. You may want to mix Living Coral in with a warm gray or a neutral for a more toned down or boho chic look. One of my personal favorites would be pairing this bold color with a deep navy and white to create a more dramatic and rich combo. With coral and navy being on opposite ends of the color wheel, the two complement each other stunningly. This color is also very versatile as it pairs nicely with both lighter and darker hues.

If you want to incorporate the color of the year into your own home, there are many opportunities available to you. A low-investment way would be to bring a splash of Living Coral into your home through accessories. Anything from throw pillows, vases, area rugs or artwork can be an great way to accomplish this. I suggest this option if you are like me. I love to change out accent pieces seasonally or when trends change. If you want to make more of a statement, go even bolder with a coral upholstered chair, an accent wall or try painting your front door!

Whether it’s throw pillows or a painted accent wall, I hope that you find a way go bold in 2019 and introduce Living Coral into your space!