By Jennifer Ritchie 

I can still smell my grandmother's cooking even ten years after her passing. I remember her standing in the kitchen laughing while she told stories and basted the turkey for our family Thanksgiving feast. She made gravy from scratch and yams with real maple syrup. To this day I can recall how safe and warm her house felt. I recall how the family would all gather there and sit around in the furniture that had been passed down for generations. I always loved to curl up in the claw foot chair that came from my grandfather's ranch home during his childhood, in a satin quilt that was my great grandmother's. The football game would play in the background as my sister served my mother's famous stuffed mushrooms. The air would be filled with the aroma of cooking turkey and pecan pie.

As we would gather around the hand-carved mahogany table, set with the family china and crystal stemware, my father would cut the turkey. We would all laugh as we would banter and joke with one another. The house was filled with so much love and affection. We would eat and share memories of family that had passed, trips that had been taken, and jokes that had been played. We would talk about the memories that had been made around that very table. There were so many pieces of furniture in my grandmother’s house that had memories built in to them – if only they could talk.

Now that my grandparents have passed, many things have changed. Their house was sold, and we all have moved to different states, but during Thanksgiving and Christmas we all come together around that same hand-carved mahogany table that now sits in my mother’s house, along with the claw foot chair. We still tell stories – those same stories while interweaving new ones with memories that we have since made. We share the memories of my grandparents to the new generation of our family. This is our family tradition.

I can't express enough how much those pieces of furniture mean to my family: the memories they hold for me, and how I hope to one day have them sitting in my home, reminding me of the love our family shares. Now is the time you can start creating those memories for your family. Larrabee's carries heirloom-quality furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation. Come in and let this family-owned business help create memories for your family.

From our family to yours, we wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!