By Elizabeth Loree, Design Consultant, and John Salisbury, Director of Visual Merchandising

One of the least understood benefits when accessorizing a room is the ability accessories have in being able to compensate, mask, or enhance architectural challenges in a space.  Some challenges could include built-in nooks and niches, uneven wall surfaces or textures, or small spaces with excessively high ceilings. Try looking outside your comfort zone especially regarding size.  The old adage of “bigger is better” can be especially true in this regard. Oversized mirrors and art bring an extra sense of drama and depth to even the smallest of spaces.  Even where wall space is at a premium, larger pieces can then be layered in front with additional art and/or mirrors for even great depth and interest.

Keeping large items in a room neutral (such as a sofa or other larger scale piece), will give you much more variety over the years to be able change the look of a room without having to change all the furniture. Accent pieces are a staple in any design, and can bring life back into any space in your home. The key to a well-designed home is to keep the eye moving around a room, so you are able to enjoy every aspect of the space.

Accent lamps are the perfect way to brighten up any space in your home. With such a wide range of lamp styles available in home décor, it’s a great way to revamp any room in your home and still maintain cost efficiency. Accent lamps are a great way to add that statement piece that your room may be missing.

Nothing adds more ambiance to a room than light, and the more control you have over the light in a space, the more ability you have to paint the mood you wish your space to have at any given time.  You may try to control the amount of natural light entering the room through window treatments, or add to the room’s light during darker hours.  One way to do the latter is through adding accent lighting to areas that would otherwise be dark (such as bookcases).  Small lamps with especially interesting shades can add character and greater visual depth in what would have otherwise been lost in the shadows.

Throw pillows are another great way to brighten up a room and easy to change with what is trending in the design world. Menswear patterns like plaid and tweed, as well as jewel tones, geometric patterns, and gray tones are the must-haves in design right now, and would make great throw pillows.

Here at Larrabee’s Furniture + Design we have a wide range of accent lamps, throw pillows and accessories that would add the perfect touch to any space. Come and visit us and let us help you make your space everything you have dreamed of.