Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine a year have made us creatures of the light. Expansive snow-capped peaks, glittering Mile High skylines, and aspen groves ablaze all but dance in it. In so many ways, the beauty that pulses through our everyday experience here begs for contrast. We look forward to scattered afternoon showers in the summer, and blighted gray skies in the winter. These elements give us permission to slow down—they beckon in beautiful blankets, a calendar free of activity, and a few hours of solitude.

Spending time in quiet repose with fragrant candles, warm tea, and a chair that swallows you in softness is a sheer gift. Somewhere far away, voices hum through the house and reverberate light through the gray.

Breathing in these moments, we realize it takes so little to be at peace—to be satisfied with life and those we love. Comfort can really be as simple as stopping and noticing the light.

Watching shadows fall on the favorite things around you that make this your favorite room, that your favorite chair, and those your favorite pictures of them, is a worthy meditation.

And so we ask: where does the light catch in your room, and more importantly, in your heart?

An even bolder inquiry—where do you ignite others? Through your service? Your love? Your encouragement?

Arm chair philosophy. A necessary luxury on gray days.

Find your light: