By Valerie O'Dowd, Senior Design Consultant

The annual announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year was eagerly anticipated by designers and decorators. It has been dubbed Ultra Violet. It is a provocative and thoughtful purple shade that heralds from our past and points towards the future.

We may think about the striking violet color of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes or the Purple Rain created by Prince, or the purple jumpsuit and cape worn by Elvis when he met President Nixon, but its history is much older than that. Purple was a color favored by Julius Caesar (some historians suggest that his ostentatious use of the color inflamed members of the Roman Senate and may have led to his assassination) and Alexander the Great as a symbol of royalty and prestige. Queen Elizabeth I of England forbade its wear except by close members of the royal family.  It was deemed a symbol of rank and privilege.  The elite status of the color stems from the rarity of the dyes and the cost to manufacture. A purple cloak would cost its weight in gold for its owner.

In 1856, 18 year-old English chemist William Perkin accidentally discovered a process to create a synthetic purple, which he turned into a great fortune, despite the fact that he began by trying to synthesize quinine.  The name of the color was later described as mauve, derived from the name of a French meadow flower named mauveine. It is among the most complex of colors to produce because it requires exacting amounts of red and blue – almost polar opposites.

We are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. Ultra Violet is a blue-based purple that takes our awareness to a new level, from exploring new technologies and a greater galaxy to artistic expression and spiritual refection.  It lights the way to the future.

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