By Sheryle Picard, Senior Design Consultant

The 2016 winter Las Vegas Furniture Market inspired and challenged us to think outside the ordinary, seeking out styles “as unique as you are.” For some, this means experimenting with out-of-the-box fabric colors and textures on a sofa or chair, and perhaps for others, utilizing over-scaled and dramatic wall art.

Instead of five and six pieces all in the same color, pattern or style theme, new collections combined multiple material looks into a cohesive design. These new looks give the impression of having been put together through meticulous, time-consuming shopping outings and offer a rich experience that changes the feeling of a room. For example, a chair might have multiple fabrics in varying colors and textures, such as a faux animal skin back, paired with a denim-like charcoal gray floral pattern seat and a mohair charcoal gray lumbar pillow. It may sound like an extremely busy print, but put together, it makes great sense and looks like a fashion-forward statement piece in a room.

We found a range of materials from warm woods and cool concrete to rugged iron and sumptuous upholstery. Additionally, we added gorgeous handcrafted lighting of original design, and wall art that possess an intrinsic grace. The lighting nods to an industrial age, while the wall art is gorgeously Avant-garde, blending hand-painted graffiti art on a wooden frame, which in the most unique way comes across as quite romantic.

Looking ahead to spring and summer we discovered a pottery collection that has the appearance of having been on the bottom of the ocean for many years. This earthenware has been crafted to withstand hot or cold climates. We’ve also added new designs to our showroom that speak to a very particular style point-of-view (picture a 10 foot long pub-height table fashioned out of a repurposed barn door). You have to see them!

The new collections will be arriving shortly and I would be delighted to share them with you.