By John Salisbury, Visual Merchandising Director

Each year Pantone, the noted leader in the world of color, brings out their choice for color of the year.  This color then permeates throughout the retail and fashion industry.  This year Pantone released dual colors as their color choice for 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue – the first time they’ve introduced two colors in 16 years.  Now on first blush (pardon the pun) seeing the two color squares presented on a white background my response or better yet, reaction was “WHAT!” and “ARE YOU KIDDING?”  It appeared Pantone was suggesting we were all to pick up the torch for living in a nursery. But viewing the colors for the first time as I did is similar to taking one line out of a speech and determining I understand the message.

In their own words, Pantone has said this year’s choice of two colors comes from “the desire to disconnect from technology and unwind” and “transcend cultural and gender norms”.  Our desire at Larrabee’s Furniture is to help with all aspects for designing your home. It’s not just about latest trends, but gaining ideas of color in a fresh perspective that will help you discover a fresh look for your surroundings.

The colors for 2016 are meant to engage the senses on both ends of the emotional spectrum.  In their own words, “…demonstrate an inherent balance …, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.” It sounds like a wonderful way to ring in 2016.

Never stop discovering.