By Beth Shafer, Senior Design Consultant

Larrabee’s had another successful trip to the market in High Point, North Carolina in October. I believe that the Larrabee’s clients will be pleasantly surprised at the array of unique and exquisite offerings we will be showcasing this coming year.

There were amazing trends in textiles, lighting and furnishings. The colors range from shades of ink blue, peacock blue, citrine, caramel and eggshell to complement our refreshing shades of grays. Industrial woods are paired with barn door style cabinets ranging from exotic woods to our traditional American hardwoods.

Rounding out our new collections will be glass with champagne metal finishes and mirrors helping to create glamorous, soothing spaces. The rich buttery leather furnishings will range from deep antiqued sofas and sectionals to magnificent desks and chairs to contemporary, sleek seating arrangements.

I look forward to creating warm and inviting spaces for our family of Larrabee’s clients. All of the new furnishings were chosen primarily by Scott Larrabee who has an extensive number of years in the business. This was evident as we walked through one manufacturer space to another where Scott and Carolyn were warmly greeted like family by the owners of the companies.

The furniture chosen for our clients homes has had the utmost care and considerations has if it was being put in our own homes. I am proud to show the new collections to any clients who would like to be as inspired as I was.